Business intelligence to reduce costs

magnify glass with guyBirchStreet’s procure-to-pay automation platform lets Finance departments strategically make real-time decisions about the company’s spend. Budgets, spend, approvals and reporting can now be managed anywhere, anytime. Having valuable insight into your spend gives you control and the tools to make the best decisions and the ability to reduce costs. Finance departments and CFOs assess financial performance, operations, risk management and control on a daily basis, and BirchStreet gives you the business intelligence and information you need.


  • Budgeting for OS&E and multi-year cap ex
  • Instant budget/forecast updates in the system
  • Advanced approval workflow anytime and any place
  • Analytical business intelligence (BI) in real time, on demand and scheduled
  • Checkbook Drilldown provides line level budget item and PO detail (past, present and future)
  • Visibility into property level transactional activity by location and region (brand, geography, type of location)
  • Total, optimal control over the P2P business processes, including compliance and spend
  • Reduces time and expense at AP process level by automating invoice matching
  • Identify saving opportunities through spend visibility
  • FF&E controls and management using capital budget management
  • Corporate business rules embedded into the Marketplace
  • AP tolerances for AP Automation
  • Inventory product masters controls
  • Integration into corporate ERP

BirchStreet drives compliance and control:

Rules, regulations and audits are part of today’s business environment. BirchStreet can help. Cloud-based software allows companies to incorporate their business rules into the platform. Supplier, product, price, approval workflow, budgets and tolerance compliance are all customized to your business rules. With over 100 standardized reports, analysis and reporting – on demand or scheduled – will bring efficiency and visibility. The data is at your fingertips. BirchStreet becomes and integral partner with indispensable tools for finance and the accounts payable department.

Increase efficiency:

BirchStreet eProcurement combined with AP 3-Way Auto-Matching enhances process efficiencies that can help finance run leaner and repurpose employees with other tasks for even more productivity. Purchase orders and invoices no longer sit in approver’s inboxes or get misplaced. Approvers are alerted via email and with BirchStreet’s cloud based SaaS platform, and can approve anywhere, anytime. In addition, eInvoicing capabilities can speed up processes and allow companies to take advantage of early and on-time discounts, reduce paper and other mailing costs.

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