BirchStreet for Purchasing Departments: Optimize purchasing and cut costs

buy with mousePurchasing departments are focused on saving your company by getting the best pricing through contracts, developing strong relationships with suppliers and making sure each purchase is compliant by brand, price or vendor. BirchStreet can make your lives easier by automating all of these processes. Adopters of procure-to-pay technology know that BirchStreet’s eProcurement module in particular, allows purchasing departments to streamline spend, have accurate real-time pricing with connections to every supplier, online catalogs and tracking. This automated, cloud based system creates efficiency, control, visibility and compliance all in one centralized location.


  • Robust catalog functionality
  • Centralized and automated cloud based purchasing activities
  • Faster approval process for purchase orders and invoices
  • Brand and supplier compliance
  • Ability to search by low price, vendor, or order guides
  • Purchasing analytics, tracking and reporting
  • Spend Analytics to reduce product compliance gap
  • Strong supplier relations with options for automated payments, discounts and credits
  • Access to over 300,000 Suppliers, including Punchouts, Adopted Suppliers and Suppliers-on-the-Fly, with no charge to your suppliers
  • Corporate business rules embedded into the Marketplace
  • User access to the system by role, location or business rules
  • Visibility into property level transactional activity by location and region (brand, geography, type of location)
  • Purchasing with property ship to addresses
  • Integration into corporate ERP

Purchasing ROI:

Depending on the current state of purchasing processes and the desired state using best practices, most companies see their return on investment in 6 to 9 months following implementation. The combination of the reduction of manual processes, including faster approval time, the ability to search for the best prices, the reduction of rogue spending, and potential negotiated discounts and savings from suppliers all lead to large savings for businesses. Visibility and control into all purchasing activities keeps the return on your investment in BirchStreet increasing year after year.

It’s Easy:

Purchasing departments who use BirchStreet find the system easy to use despite the complex functionality that powers the system. For purchasing, the steps are simple: login, search your catalogs, select your items and submit your PO for approval. Once the PO is approved in the system, the buyer automatically submits their order to the supplier. Purchasing departments can access real-time data and tracking of orders. Reports can be run ad hoc or scheduled.

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