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Brendan reidys profile photo

Brendan Reidy

Executive Chairman

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John fays profile photo

John Fay

Chief Executive Officer

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Paul rantillas profile photo

Paul Rantilla

Chief Commercial Officer

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John mccaffreys profile photo

John McCaffrey

Chief Customer Officer

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Bill smiths profile photo

Bill Smith

Chief Financial Officer

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Kris herrins profile photo

Kris Herrin

General Manager of Payments

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Raghu rajahs profile photo

Raghu Rajah

Chief Technology Officer

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Dan hizas profile photo

Dan Hiza

Managing Director- EMEA

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Kim huffs profile photo

Kim Huff

Senior Vice President, Solutions Consulting

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Jon castillos profile photo

Jon Castillo

Vice President, Technical Services

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Karla kannans profile photo

Karla Kannan

Senior Vice President, Customer Success

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Gareth frasers profile photo

Gareth Fraser

Vice President Sales & Marketing Enablement

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John figliolinis profile photo

John Figliolini

Vice President of Business Development

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Han zhangs profile photo

Han Zhang

Managing Director- APAC

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Joe devores profile photo

Joe DeVore

Vice President of Casinos and Gaming

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Rosa blochs profile photo

Rosa Bloch

Vice President of Professional Services

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David barbers profile photo

David Barber

Vice President, Product

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