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BirchStreet understands the way casinos, their hotels and their restaurant outlets operate their business. The casino floor has always been the main focus for revenue and profitability, but the back-office operations are equally important. Our cloud-based platform allows our casino customers to streamline their supply management business processes and gain deep business intelligence to enhance profitability. The visibility and control tools built into BirchStreet drives supplier compliance, lowering supply costs. Increased visibility also allows for the casinos and gaming operations to attain greater profitability through processing efficiencies creating more process automation in their procurement, accounting, inventory and F&B processes.

In recent years BirchStreet has gained substantial traction in the gaming space as the industry has recognized the power of the BirchStreet platform to enable a shift from legacy on premise solutions to the significantly greater features and functionality of its on-demand services, at a substantially lower total cost of ownership.

“I knew from being in the industry that there was a lot of good word of mouth about BirchStreet and it created better efficiency and streamlined processes,” stated William Brady, Purchasing Manager at Commerce Casino.

Within the highly regulated gaming and casino industry, compliance and reporting is an important part of operations. For one of our customers, Southland Park Gaming & Racing reported that “tracking transferred food and beverage products have achieved 3 hours in daily labor savings. The previous manual process has diminished by 90%. The Accounts Payable/Procurement month end close has reduced closing time by 2 days for the entire property.” Inventory control, tracking and efficiency can also be a challenge for gaming operations. BirchStreet provides the tools to help with efficiency and accuracy. The Downtown Grand Las Vegas Hotel & Casino’s Director of Purchasing stated, “The bottom line is that we are more efficient with our internal controls because of the BirchStreet system.” The guess work is eliminated with an automated system, allowing for accurate budget and reporting numbers.


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