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Large manufacturing companies, like Campbell Soup Company, have selected BirchStreet’s Recipe Management System to manage food costs, ingredients, recipes and even social media and promotions.

Not only can the solution tie into BirchStreet’s eProcurement or purchasing module to track, purchase and budget, but it can tie into inventory of product items and services available. Ensure consistency throughout the organization along with videos and images of how to prepare a dish. And, buyers can maintain full compliance and visibility using BirchStreet. Warehouses and manufacturing plants worldwide can benefit using a comprehensive, cloud procure-to-pay solution.

In fact, Campbell’s reported the following ROI metrics for using BirchStreet’s Recipe Management System:

  • Over three years since implementation, Campbell reported significant cost savings by auto-calculating nutrition data for 3,000 recipes and moving to one-time product updates.
  • Their overall investment was paid off in 2 years.
  • When ingredients changed in over 1,000 recipes, the automation in BirchStreet saved over 250 hours of work.
  • Taxonomy of ingredients went from 1 full year to make changes and upload, to a matter of several minutes after approval.
Campbell’s reported that “we can’t put a cost on the value of having a single repository that houses taxonomy and nutrition, but we know that our current recipe management system is highly beneficial.”
  • Gave Campbell the ability to accommodate customer requests and increase profitability. With quick results in the system, Campbell was able to deliver a very large order of 50,000 cases, representing 77% of the total projected volume the new products, which translates into large dollar numbers.

Click here to watch a video about the benefits of automating recipes, the connections to inventory and procurement processes, costing, recipe scaling, and many other features for increasing efficiency, profits and consistency.

Read the full Campbell Soup Company case study here.

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