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Food cost management and the purchasing process is now easier, automated and can deliver data and reporting to the people who need it. BirchStreet Recipe Management System connects to your POS system to deliver real-time costs, margins and insight to increase profitability.

Food Service Outsourcing and Institutional food service venues have a solution catered to your business. Organizations with onsite restaurants, including places like airports and conference centers, can efficiency handle their operations and spend management using BirchStreet.

Benefits include:

  • Track accurate food cost percentages. No data entry required!
  • Set food cost targets per dish and receive alerts when costs exceed your target.
  • Monitor ingredient pricing across locations and create more profitable recipes.
  • Make informed decisions on what dishes to upsell and when to raise prices or cut waste.
  • Improve operational efficiency by tracking inventory down to the ingredient level and know where “shrinkage” is occurring.

BirchStreet’s customers have found that typical food cost savings of 2-5% per year are achieved. Depending on the restaurant volume, this can mean thousands of dollars going towards profit. Restaurant chains and groups of at least 5 locations can achieve significant ROI using BirchStreet Recipe Management.

Click here to download or view BirchStreet for Restaurant brochure.

Click here to watch a video about the benefits of automating recipes, the connections to inventory and procurement processes, costing, recipe scaling, and many other features for increasing efficiency, profits and consistency.

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