restaurant icon 2Introducing a comprehensive and simple cloud platform to manage your restaurants. BirchStreet’s Restaurant Platform streamlines restaurant functions and processes including everything from a supplier portal, ordering, budgeting, managing inventory, and planned purchases to all of your recipes, costing, margins, ingredients and much more. We create a private, centralized marketplace for you to drive efficiency and profit into back-of-the house operations.

By automating your restaurant’s operational processes, Chefs can make informed decisions on when to upsell, raise prices or cut waste, and much more. In addition, the system can be used for training and consistency of dishes or plates by uploading instructions, photos and videos. Automatic nutritional calculations, allergens and intolerances are tied to ingredients and recipes. Recipes are centralized in the cloud with access anywhere, anytime. Recipe Pads are also helpful tools in the kitchen for easy access to recipes, images and training.

Business intelligence (BI), reporting and easy, intuitive dashboards can give restaurants a competitive edge. BirchStreet offers a customized dashboard view that gives both high level and detail leveled views of real-time spend data, suppliers, costs and much more, in addition to 140 standardized reports. BirchStreet’s platform helps restaurants optimize their resources by improving efficiency and doing more with less. Automating back-office processes and having a centralized location for recipes saves time and improves profitability. Typically, ROI is achieved between 3 to 9 months of using the system.

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