Sports, sports clubs, convention centers and entertainment venues can gain increased visibility, efficiency and compliance to help keep them in the lime light. Often, there are many points of sale or retail outlets, which can be a challenge to track, budget and forecast inventory and F&B. By moving from using manual processes to a cloud-based automated system can eliminate lost revenue and streamline operations and efficiency.

Having real-time data, accurate pricing and inventory, easy access to catalogs and suppliers, along with many other features, can also help your business grow. From private club membership businesses like the Olympic Club to large arenas like Progressive Field, home of the Cleveland Indians and TD Gardens (with over 800 retail outlets), home of the NHL Boston Bruins and NBA Celtics, BirchStreet can help take your business to the next level.

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Similarly, convention centers, which are considered entertainment venues hosting trade shows and events, have many diversified requirements when it comes to hosting large events and trade shows. Using preferred and approved vendors, suppliers and union workers add an element of complexity as there are strict timelines and guidelines. Financial control, purchase compliance and theft control help customers with their operations. The BirchStreet platform can help with the entire procurement process and track its progress all the way through payment and inventory. Recipe Management can help scale food orders during shows and manage food costs, connecting directly to purchasing, accounting and inventory functions.

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