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Welcome to the Privacy Policy of BirchStreet.

BirchStreet Systems, Inc. (1301 Dove Street, Suite 300, Newport Beach, CA, 92660 United States) (“BirchStreet”, “Company” “we” or “us”) respects your privacy and makes every effort to protect it.

When you are visiting the BirchStreet Website or using the BirchStreet System, we may collect information that is considered personally identifiable (“personal data”) in certain jurisdictions. BirchStreet may also receive information about you from other sources, including trade organizations and contact directories provided to BirchStreet.

BirchStreet therefore publishes this privacy statement so that you can become acquainted with the way in which your personal data are collected and processed.

Our privacy policy is divided in 3 segments:

  1. You are visiting the BirchStreet Website
  2. You are using the BirchStreet System
  3. General information
  4. Cookies

You are visiting the BirchStreet Website

At different places throughout the BirchStreet Website you can provide your contact details (e.g. completion of contact form, subscription to our newsletter, etc.) to BirchStreet.

BirchStreet is responsible for the processing of the personal data that it receives via the website (“controller”).

We will only process your personal data:

You are using the BirchStreet System

The company that offers you the use of the BirchStreet System is responsible for the processing of your personal data via the BirchStreet System (“controller”), which means that it determines the purpose and means for processing your personal data and that it is the primary responsible for ensuring that this processing is done in a legal, transparent and secure manner.

The BirchStreet System is developed and managed by BirchStreet and in this respect, BirchStreet has been appointed by the controller to process your personal data on its behalf and strictly in accordance with its instructions (“processor”).

With respect to the BirchStreet System, your personal data is only processed:


We use cookies that are important for certain technical features of our website, like logging into user accounts and implementing fixes and improvements to our platform.

These cookies:

In general, we collect most data from you via form submission. However, there are cases when visiting our site and/or using our platforms in which we may receive certain information through the use of cookies. This data will generally not include personally identifying information about you.

You may prefer to disable cookies. You can do so by adjusting your cookie-settings. For more information in this respect, please consult the official websites of the browser you are using. If you choose to disable cookies, it is possible that (some functionalities on) the BirchStreet Website and BirchStreet System are no longer (fully) available to you.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions (or comments) concerning this Privacy Policy, you are most welcome to send us an email at

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