Get Complete Transparency and Better Control with BirchStreet Inventory Management with AccuBar

BirchStreet Inventory with AccuBar is a one stop solution for hospitality companies to make their Inventory process more controlled and transparent.

BirchStreet Inventory with AccuBar unifies all the deep capabilities of BirchStreet Inventory Control along with AccuBar’s comprehensive beverage management and barcode scanning process. With a tile-based user interface optimized for performance, the new solution provides a delightful user-friendly experience for executing Inventory Management processes in a simpler and smarter way for greater profitability and efficiency.

This redesigned platform addresses the need for a combined solution that excels in fulfilling the wide-ranging needs of hospitality companies to take faster inventory counts and easy transfer of high-turnover items.

The newly enhanced solutions empower organizations with better control in terms of efficiency and profitability by providing real-time visibility to perpetual inventory data across multiple locations resulting in reduced inventory carry cost, spoilage, and shrinkage while maintaining critical stock outages.


BirchStreet’s Inventory Management with AccuBar is seamlessly integrated with its full product P2P suite of e-Procurement, AP Automation, Recipe Management, and Capital Projects modules. Out-of-box integration to Checkbook Drilldown enables properties and enterprises to charge outlets upon fulfillment, and track true food & beverage costs by outlet. Streamlined replenishment processes with an easy set-up of par values for items with color-coded alert notify users as inventory items reach pre-established reordering levels.

With the BirchStreet Inventory Management Solution, senior management and users will have on-demand knowledge of their on-hand inventory in each of their outlets on their desktop, laptop or mobile device. The platform is fully integrated with POS, creating an end-to-end business system to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Highlighted Functionality

  • Tile-based user experience
  • Patented handheld functionality with a line on the bottle counting
  • Integrated Universal Item Master
  • Centralized count management
  • Requisition lists and Storeroom Requisitions
  • Replenishment PO’s and plan purchases
  • Perpetual inventory and unlimited storeroom locations
  • Support for multiple costing valuation methods
  • Retail Inventory capabilities
  • Comprehensive Reports: Inventory Valuation, Profit Watch, event and banquet reports
  • Simplified setup via handheld barcode scanning and printing
  • Enhanced POS Interfaces
  • Data Management Services, web training and expertise services

Key Benefits

  • Mobile Barcode Scanners improves productivity gains up to 30%
  • 5-7% greater efficiency for F&B Inventory Management
  • Provides accurate food cost visibility driving savings by 1-3%
  • Take control of stock and reduce waste by 1-3%

Inventory Management with AccuBar Interfaces with your POS Integration

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