Invoice Management Solution

Get rid of paper invoices company-wide and increase electronic invoicing to save time and improve accuracy



Invoice Management Services Features

Comprehensive services to make Invoicing process faster, more accurate, Fully-compliant and automated

Receiving Invoices from Suppliers

Single communication mode: Common E-Mail ID

Universal Scanning Hardware Support

Portable scanners with TWIN(software) and ISIS(Integrated Set of Information System)

Various Document Type Support

PO Invoice, Non-PO Invoice, and Credit Memo

Exception Handling

User raised exception and system generated exception

E-Invoice Tool

Invoice Feed Correction Feature/ Verify Invoice Details

Scan Quality Check Process Flow

Systematic process for quality check


The Bottom Line In Efficiency

Simple to use, simple to understand, simple to save and impact revenue

80% +

Compliance rate


Overall savings from compliance improvements


Productivity gain from automating procurement


Drop approval time from 3-7 days to minutes


"With BirchStreet, we now have a comprehensive view of all spend from a corporate level and at a property level. We have achieved remarkable transparency and visibility into nearly every item and service purchased at every location. Our spend management performance is now easy to track, report and analyze to make continuous operational improvements."

Jim Kuthy, VP of Procurement and Capital Finance


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