BirchStreet’s Recipe Management System (RMS) automates the process of managing your food cost at a single location or across a large portfolio of properties. Previously a manually-intensive and inefficient process, BirchStreet’s RMS automates the process of costing recipes by pulling price data from BirchStreet’s eProcurement catalogs that are continuously updated. Simply link your ingredients to BirchStreet’s comprehensive ingredient library and the system computes nutritional facts, allergen and cost on a recipe, per serving and ingredient level.

Recipe flow

You can maintain a centralized library of your recipes and publish them to your properties with a mouse click. Your Chefs can view your recipes including nutritional facts, allergens, plating instruction and more, complete with pictures, video and cost data specific to their region. With proper security rights property level users can create their own recipes and ingredients. Chefs can also scale the recipes for banquets, or convert them to/from metric units with a mouse click.

BirchStreet empowers enterprise hotels, restaurants and other food service operators to see and track their food cost/profitability on a continuous basis allowing organizations to react in real time to changing market conditions. The system also ensures menu items and yields are consistent across a global chain of properties. Additionally, BirchStreet’s RMS offers a comprehensive set of tools to fully leverage the unprecedented cost visibility the platform provides including the ability to model ingredient substitution and other recipe parameter changes with its Recipe ‘What if’ scenarios builder.

The Recipe Management System contains the following features:

  • Automatic recipe costing and food cost calculations by linking to eProcurement catalogs
  • Publishing corporate recipes to your locations via your organization’s private online recipe library
  • Attach pictures and videos to your Recipes
  • One-click conversion of recipes from US standard to metric
  • Advanced search functionality
  • Private, property level and corporate recipe publishing
  • Complete control, using security rights, of who can view, edit and publish which recipes
  • Route recipes for approval before publishing
  • Activate and deactivate recipes
  • Step-by-Step preparation instructions
  • Add notes and attachments to recipes
  • Ingredient library with built-in nutritional, allergen and yield data
  • Supports adding your own ingredients at the corporate or property level
  • Automatic computation of nutritional facts by your recipes to BirchStreet’s comprehensive ingredient library
  • Print standard USDA Nutrition Facts label
  • Print recipe cards (with or without nutritional facts)
  • Recipe scaling
  • Input, view and scale with fractional quantities (1/8 cup) instead of decimals (.125 cup)
  • Unit of measure conversions and upscaling
  • Copying and editing of recipes
  • Setup dishes, menus, outlets and maintain selling prices
  • Interface with POS systems, menu printing systems and banquet event order systems
  • What If analysis
  • Works stand alone or fully integrated with BirchStreet eProcurement and Inventory Control applications


Recipe Pad

Setting a new industry standard for Recipe Management, BirchStreet’s Recipe Pad is the first recipe management solution optimized specifically for the Apple iPad and other tablets (also works on standard PCs). Recipe Pad uses a simple picture-based interface, allowing Chefs to browse, search, view and scale your published corporate or property level recipes through your organization’s private online recipe library. Also supports conversion to/from US/metric units, step-by-step photo instructions and videos. Recipe Pad empowers food service enterprises by connecting their Chefs across town or across the globe, allowing recipes to be shared or published across the enterprise. Recipe Pad contains the following additional features:

  • Search and view corporate or property level recipes
  • Recipe scaling
  • Intelligent unit of measure upscaling
  • View photo and video attachments – allows for a myriad of visual examples
  • View nutritional facts and allergens
  • One click metric/ U.S. customary system conversions
  • Multi-lingual and multi-currency support

Click here to watch a video about the benefits of automating recipes, the connections to inventory and procurement processes, costing, recipe scaling, and many other features for increasing efficiency, profits and consistency.

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