reporting1 The BirchStreet platform and all of its modules provides an inside view into the entire procure-to-pay process for businesses through its many reports. There are hundreds of reports along with the capability to customize your own report. Today’s business world requires companies to create key metrics and keep track of its spend, inventory and data.

The Top 10 Most Requested Reports are: 

For Buyer: Monthly Item Department Usage Report

For Approver: Budget Rollup (Consumed) Report

For Receiver: Receiving Detail Report

For Storeroom Manager: Storeroom Requisition Report

For Finance: Reconciliation Report, Accrual Report, Inventory Closing Variance Report, Detail Cost by Outlet Report, Inventory Actuals History Report and Storeroom Requisition Report

Don’t see your report in the Top 10 list? Don’t worry – we have over 200 standard reports!

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