Recipe Management System: Does your Restaurant need a Stronger “Iron Chef”?

June 12, 2019, By BirchStreet Admin

Whether you are in Food & Beverage Operations or an “Iron Chef,” does your restaurant or food establishments have the right tools for profitability and efficiency? Many restaurants have a place where their recipes reside, a place for inventory, and some type of system to buy food. What if you could streamline the process so all your systems and processes are connected?

One of the many great things about having an on demand, cloud-based procure-to-pay solution, is that restaurants can now function with more efficiency and visibility into costs, margins, ingredients and inventory.

BirchStreet’s Recipe Management solution can give chefs and management a way to view and track food cost and profitability, by linking it directly to real-time food costs from their suppliers, which connects to automated purchase orders, approvals, inventory counts, and accounting.

A professional chef can maintain a centralized library of recipes and publish them to multiple properties instantly. Chefs can view recipes including nutritional facts, allergens, plating instruction and more, complete with pictures, video and cost data specific to their region.

With proper security rights property level users can create their own recipes and ingredients, using a “what if” scenario builder depending on cost and availability. F&B operators can also scale the recipes for banquettes, or convert them to/from metric units – allowing them to keep costs and margins in line.

Building up your kitchen’s arsenal of tools will boost your ROI and profit margins. For more features on Recipe Management tools, click here.