Marketing and Sales Downloads

Please click on any of the links below to download educational materials on BirchStreet P2P solutions:

Learn about BirchStreet modules, including eProcurement, AP Automation, Inventory Control, Recipe Management, Capital Projects & Executive Dashboards.
Learn about automated purchasing, ordering, approvals, receiving, reporting and more.
Electronic invoices streamline processes and reduce costs.
With cutting edge budgeting tools and 3-Way Auto-Matching, the module streamlines procurement and accounting functions, providing time savings, compliance, visibility, control and accountability.
Control inventory counts, beverage management, par values, replenishment, perpetual, multiple storerooms and more.
Know your food costs and margins, as well as nutritional data, allergens, how-to videos and more.

Create, plan, track, buy and manage for capital project expenditures and renovations.

Gap Guidance
Use this to help determine the gaps between your current process and desired processes to see if BirchStreet is the right solution for you.

Learn more about Compliance and Spend Visibility Dashboards for spend insight.

Restaurants data sheet
Do you know how much your food costs?
Corp Fact Sheet
Company information.
Mobile Inventory Scanner benefits and features.

PayStream cover

Industry Report on eProcurement by PayStream Advisors.

Hotel Management Company

Learn about the benefits of using BirchStreet for Hotel Management Companies.

BirchStreet for Casinos
BirchStreet improves efficiencies and reduces operating expenses for casinos.

Culinary Schools

Learn about the benefits of using BirchStreet for Culinary Schools.

Restaurants can manage purchasing, inventory and recipes in one centralized platform.
P2P Guide
White paper on P2P Automation for CIOs, CFOs and CPOs.

ROI flier

Quick statistics on savings and efficiency using BirchStreet P2P.
BirchStreet-Capgemini Overview Learn how using BirchStreet and Capgemini APaaS and outsourcing can save companies up to 40%.


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