Gap Guidance Worksheet

Gap Guidance Worksheet: Assessing the gap between current and desired operations is the first step in determining if you should consider a procure-to-pay solution. Procure-to-pay processes increase efficiency, compliance and control to improve your bottom line. Subsequent steps include determining cost, timing, provider selection, “build or buy,” and most important, the consideration of overall IT future strategy pertaining to integrations and provider control.

BSS is uniquely designed for hospitality, and its solutions are borne from deep collaboration and relationship with our customers. The solution is built with the unique and complex business needs of our customers in hospitality, including hotels, casinos, restaurants and food manufacturing. This collaboration drives actionable visibility and control into direct materials spend, risk of loss and workflow efficiencies.

The below worksheet offers a guide to determine if your hotels can benefit with procure-to-pay technology.


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