operations 13With our eProcurement solution, BirchStreet offers our customers a suite of services designed to ensure our restaurant, hotel, and other clients get the maximum benefit from the system. Tailored to the procurement process, our services are aimed at a number of different user groups which include:

Buyer End Users to make sure they are setup and trained correctly and have the ongoing training and support they need to effectively transact on the system.

Property level department heads, finance and general management to ensure they understand how to effectively use the workflow approvals and budgeting system.

Corporate Purchasing to make sure they understand the various analytical reports and the summary and detailed data that are available and how to effectively access and use it.

Application Administrators to ensure they know how to manage user accounts and security rights effectively.

Suppliers to make sure they are keeping their catalog data up-to-date and are reviewing, accepting and fulfilling their orders.

Property level and Corporate Finance to ensure the system reflects the business processes, policies and financial controls of your organization and to ensure they understand how to access the numerous logs and sub-journals. In doing so, if they wish to follow-up on control issues or audit processes, they know how to utilize the system tools appropriately.

Other services include:

  • The development of custom features
  • The development of interfaces to supplier and 3rd party systems such as back office AP systems
  • Hosting

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