BirchStreet Data Center

server-globeThe BirchStreet solution is hosted at a Data Center and features an industry leading design that delivers our clients best in class security and reliability.

BirchStreet ensures system reliability and performance through use of the following hosting solution:

  • A secure cage environment
  • Reliable bandwidth via OC-192 Internet connections

SLA: 99.98% guaranteed high-speed core network uptime

Monitoring: 24x7x365 monitoring by industry-certified on-site staff

Security: Multi-layered security backed by biometric palm scans, portals and man traps, digital surveillance, and 24x7x365 on premise guards

Fire Suppression: The data center employs forward-thinking ‘sniffer’ systems that detect smoke from the earliest stages of combustion. This detection system is augmented by heat detection and dry-pipe sprinkler systems

Cooling: The data center is built on a raised floor and has high-volume, zoned temperature control systems, with multiple cooling units configured to ensure proper heat dissipation. Multiple HVAC units are powered by standard and emergency electrical systems and are monitored 24x7x356 by on-site personnel

Cisco Powered: Fully meshed and redundant networks powered by flagship Cisco Products

Iron Mountain ensures our system and the customer’s information is safely backed up and secure with:

  • Electronic Vaulting off-site of all critical data

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