BirchStreet Training is setup to provide you with a variety of training options to meet varied customer needs. Customers can elect to use pre-recorded, web-based training tools, instructor led, web-based training sessions or on-site instructor led training classes.

Trainings are typically segmented by type of users with separate trainings for:

  • Supplier Users
  • Buyer Users
  • Approver Users
  • Executive Users
  • Administrator Users

Typically the Buyer User training session will last 90 minutes. Supplier training is typically a 30 minute session.

The implementation process is planned so that the production environment is setup and ready to go before the end-user training is conducted. This way, users can leave the training class, go straight to their workstations and begin placing live orders the same day.

training classIn some cases the training class may include logging into the production system so that users can begin choosing their personal options and setting up their personal order guides in class; assuring that they are ready to transact business the minute they leave the class.

Post training follow-up serves as the transition between formal training and ongoing support. Follow-up “coaching” calls are placed to users in the days and weeks after the formal training session is completed to see how things are going and provide additional guidance on application tips and shortcuts.

Aside from initial training classes, BirchStreet typically provides ongoing training classes on a published schedule. New users as well as seasoned users can attend.



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