Since the launch of the company in 2002, we have accumulated a large library of training materials and developed a number of successful training strategies—all aimed at gaining user traction quickly in a cost effective manner. Our training experts can help you develop the right training program for your company—whether you have one location or thousands.

Much of our training material can be delivered via on-site classroom style training, webinar training or in a self-guided approach. Most customers develop a multi-pronged approach to training mixing webinars, self-guided and sometimes on-site training. Additionally, we can create custom training material for you. Or if you prefer, we can train your resources to be the trainers.

Video Training: We have pre-recorded training sessions for every module and user role. Here’s a short sample:


Self-Guided PowerPoint Presentations: Our PowerPoint presentations offer step-by-step guidance. Use this for classroom style training, in a webinar or as a self-guided supplement. Here’s a screen shot:


Quick Guide: We have an array of quick guides that cover the most common steps and shortcuts. Here’s a sample:


Online Help Index: A wide array of online help resources are available from within the application. Here’s a sample screen shot of the Help Section:


Webinar Training: Webinar training is conducted with a live instructor so we can answer questions and respond to your users’ needs. In a webinar, we can connect users from multiple locations reducing cost and logistical challenges. We typically schedule each training class in multiple repeating time slots so your users can find a convenient time to attend in their busy schedule.


Orientation Video: Our orientation videos are custom designed for your rollout. They provide the property with an early preview (typically 30 days before go live) of what to expect. They typically explain the benefits of the system, an overview of the implementation plan and next steps. Watch a short sample:

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