move boxes of foodSuppliers that are formally implemented into the BirchStreet system are referred to as Adopted Suppliers. The majority of Birch Street Adopted Suppliers store and maintain their Online Catalog Content inside the BirchStreet system. Adopted Suppliers utilize the BirchStreet supplier facing applications and/or the import utilities to maintain their catalog content and to receive their orders electronically. The process of Supplier Adoption is a critical service that BirchStreet provides.

The supplier adoption process is initiated with a discussion between BirchStreet and the customer. Typically the customer selects a list of suppliers to be adopted. The process begins with an introduction; typically an email or a three-way conference call. The BirchStreet implementation team can provide a draft letter or email that can be modified per your needs to be sent to the suppliers introducing them to BirchStreet, our supplier adoption process and the general concepts behind a private online purchasing portal.

BirchStreet currently supports over 200,000 suppliers in its system.


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