BirchStreet now offers suppliers a variety of options to easily manage their business processes by automating purchase orders, catalogs, invoices and mobile order entry. Suppliers are an essential and fundamental component for all of our BirchStreet customers. Through automating and integrating back-end functions, buyer and supplier relationships will continue to grow, strengthen and profit.

automate invoicing webBirchStreet’s Supplier Services utilizes the existing core procure-to-pay platform and business model of on demand, cloud-based data to help customers and suppliers better communicate. Creating efficiency, reducing costs, providing business intelligence and bottom line profitability will help the supply chain thrive. Supplier integration is the change agent that is bringing customers closer and keeping them.

PO Automation:

Suppliers can now transmit PO data directly into their ordering system with increased speed, accuracy and business intelligence. Read how one supplier benefited from using PO Automation in a case study.


  • Eliminate manual order entry
  • Lower per-order transaction cost
  • Faster order fulfillment for customers improves customer satisfaction
  • Eliminate need to shuffle PO entry during employee vacation/sick days
  • Eliminate the cost of correcting lost and incorrect orders resulting from manual order entry, such as discounts, rushed orders, free items, etc.
  • Accurate order receipt confirmations lead to reduced customer inquiries

Catalog Automation:

Suppliers can update catalog content in BirchStreet automatically.


  • Eliminate manual work to maintain catalogs
  • Increase update frequency – update at desired intervals
  • Increase profit margin by displaying real-time pricing in catalogs
  • Eliminate data errors (cut/paste, etc.)
  • Prevent errors, such as providing wrong set of pricing to customer

eInvoice Automation:

Suppliers can send invoices electronically and automatically.


  • Reduce manual processes such as addressing, printing and stuffing envelopes
  • Save on postage, envelopes, paper, ink, labels and more
  • Go “green” – save the environment and reduce waste and physical transport
  • Eliminate “lost” invoices
  • Track invoice receipts and status in BirchStreet
  • Instant invoicing + faster payment = improved time to revenue

For more information and pricing, please contact or call (949) 567-7000.

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