Top Benefits of Inventory Management System

June 15, 2019, By BirchStreet Admin

How is the health of your inventories? Do you have control and visibility into all of your items and storage locations? Inventory Control systems accurately track and cost perpetual inventory at any number of inventory locations at your property and should be fully integrated into your purchasing system when items get low or new items are needed.

BirchStreet’s Inventory Management  module helps to reduce costs and improve profits by:

  1. Automation of planned purchases improves accuracy and reduces waste
  2. Reporting recurring variances by product
  3. Automates “Take Inventory”
  4. Automates planned purchases
  5. Maintains perpetual inventories
  6. Integrates to POS for automating requisitions

If you are interested in learning more how BirchStreet can help you with any inventory challenges and lower your costs, please let us know! Email or call 949-567-7032.